Automated doors are nowadays used in homes. A while ago, they were only used in shopping centers and malls, but things are different now. Before investing in automatic doors for your home, there are pros and cons which should be considered as discussed below.


  1. If you are carrying bags on both hands, you will not struggle to open the door because it will open for you. The same way cars with boot sensors can detect when your arms are full, the same way automatic doors function. Going in and out of your home will be made easier.
  2. It does not open when there is wind. When there is a strong wind, regular doors are forced open, but this will never be the case with automated doors.
  3. The door remains clean because there is no touching to open and close. Many times, you will only touch the doors when the dusting.


  1. With sensor doors, you need an unlocking system so that not everyone can find their way in your home. If you do not have the security combination, you will be forced to reach for keys hence the need to put your shopping bags down.
  2. In case of power failure, you will need a system that allows you to open the door manually. If there is a power failure in shopping malls, the doors are left open, but this cannot be done at home. The safety of your loved ones and property is critical.
  3. If there are rooms next to the automated doors, it might become a struggle entering them. This is because they will open any time you try reaching the room. To prevent accidental opening, you might be forced to disable some sensors.
  4. It is expensive to install and maintain automated doors. The cost of setting up the whole system is expensive, and your electricity bills will shoot high. After some years of using automatic doors, homeowners take them down because maintenance and power bills become too much.

With such interesting doors, people will be attracted and might come close to see. To ensure the safety and security of your home, ensure that, the door is made of durable material to withstand intense weather conditions and trespassers. Some homeowners use sturdy wood for the surface to ensure that their household is safe and that people do not see through.