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Guide to Buying WIFI Security Cameras

One of the best security features you can have at your home is a WIFI camera. These cameras are known to be simple to install and are quite flexible. If you are planning to buy a wireless security camera, it is essential to go for the best. This starts by understanding your security needs and the qualities that define a good camera. Here are some essential features to look for when buying a security camera.


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One of the most important things to look at when buying a security camera is its resolution. The image resolution defines the quality of images or footage you get from the camera. A decent security camera should have a resolution of at least 720p, which is clear enough to make out faces. As much as cameras with high resolutions can be costly, you need them to provide you with quality footage.

Facial Recognition

Security cameras with facial recognition abilities are not very common in home security systems. Ideally, this feature lets you monitor family members whenever they move in or out of your home. It might also be vital in helping monitor who visits your home when you are away.

Motion Detection

Wireless security cameras with a motion detector trigger recording whenever there is relative motion around them. Some camera can even alert you on your phone or mailbox. This way, it becomes a lot easy to monitor the security of your home when you are away or at night when you don’t expect to have anyone moving around your house.

Night Vision

It is almost impossible for a standard camera to capture clear images under low light intensities. However, as much as you are shopping for a decent WIFI security camera, an excellent wireless camera should offer excellent night vision. Ideally, it should seamlessly make an intelligent switch between day and night modes and pick out vital details in different environments.

home cameraSource of Power

Wireless security cameras have to be powered. Some require you to change the batteries after a while whereas others use rechargeable batteries. Cameras that use rechargeable batteries are better considering that they save you the cost of having to buy batteries. The fact that some cameras only record when they detect motion goes a long way in extending the battery life.

Having the best security cameras serves to offer the homeowner a sense of assurance that they will always be aware if anything that goes on around your home.